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Inspira receives $50,000 donation for M25 iniative

Inspira Cheque Presentation
Inspira Health Network announced another $50,000 donation for a total of $100,000 to fund the Cumberland County Housing First Collaborative’s effort to help end chronic homelessness. PROVIDED

BRIDGETON – Inspira Health Network recently announced a second $50,000 donation to help fund the M25 Initiative’s Cumberland County Housing First Collaborative for a total of $100,000. As a founding member of the CCHFC, and in light of its staggering success, Inspira also committed to providing behavioral health and logistical support to ensure the collaborative’s success. As a result, the collaborative is another step closer to achieving its goal of ending chronic homelessness in Cumberland County by 2020.

In its start-up year, the collaborative was able to house more than 50chronically homeless individuals. After one year, housing those 50 clients has proven to show a 97 percent reduction in incarceration, 34 percent reduction in hospital usage and 75 percent reduction in ambulance usage.

National and State estimates place the annual cost of a chronically homeless individual between $25,000 and $40,000 as they cycle through hospitals, jails, addiction facilities and social service agencies.

“We are thrilled with the results after just one year of this initiative. The numbers speak for themselves. Under the leadership of the M25 Initiative, we are reducing health care costs and taking great strides toward ending chronic homelessness in Cumberland County,” said John DiAngelo, president and chief executive officer, Inspira Health Network.

“Housing First is a common-sense philosophy and practice that has been implemented throughout the world with a proven track record of success. Our program in Cumberland County is mirroring the success of similar endeavors by improving lives and saving money. We are grateful for Inspira’s continued support and contribution to this program. Their support is invaluable to meet the goal of ending chronic homelessness in Cumberland County,” said Robin Weinstein, president and founder, M25 Initiative.

The Housing First model places people in their own dwelling first, while simultaneously making sure that all needed medical, behavioral health and social services are being provided. Similar efforts have shown that the transition out of homelessness is much more likely to succeed if it begins with placement in permanent housing.

In 2015, Inspira Health Network provided $3,000 in seed money to help M25 develop a program to eliminate homelessness. Inspira has also provided clinical expertise through its Behavioral Health Services. Dave Moore, executive director of Behavioral Health for Inspira, serves on the M25 Board.

For information about the Cumberland County Housing First Collaborative or to donate or get involved, visit or call (844) M25-HOPE.

Story originally Published in the Daily Journal September 2018 Health Connection
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