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The honorees are:

  • Austin Gould, former music teacher at Bridgeton High School.
  • Dr. Thomas A. Dwyer, Orthopaedic Surgeon and president/chief executive officer of Premier Orthopaedic Associates.
  • The Trout Family, including Jeff and Debbie Trout and their children Teal (Kevin) Levick; Tyler (Lauren) Trout; and Mike (Jessica) Trout, and their grandchildren Lyla and Landon Levick and Savannah Trout.

The honorees were carefully chosen by the committee for their unwavering dedication and lifelong commitment to making Cumberland County a better place to live and work. “We are thrilled with our distinguished honorees for this year’s event and look forward to a fantastic evening of celebration,” said Karla Laws, director of the CompleteCare Family Health Foundation. “This event is always one of the highlights of the year, not only because of the fantastic honorees, but because of the overwhelming support it provides to the foundation and the community.”

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